Vital Silver Sinus

Vital Silver Sinus

  • Provides relief for symptoms related to infections, sinuses, allergies, headaches and congestion.
  • 98% reduction of the protective bio-film common to chronic sinus infections.*
  • All natural mist-injection colloidal silver sinus spray, 20ppm.
  • 2oz bottle yields 600 sprays.
  • 99.99% Pure Silver and Purified Deionized Water.
  • Natural, NO Additives or Preservatives.
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Step 1:   Simply pump the nasal sprayer 3 to 5 times to prime. Hold bottle in upright position, place tip of the nozzle just inside the nostril,  pump two or three times while sniffing deeply to get the solution deep into the infected sinus cavity.

Step 2:  Use 3 or more times daily, up to every 15 minutes as needed.

Step 3:  Continue use for up to 10 days to prevent recurrence of infection. Depending upon the level of sensitivity, the solution may sting upon contact. This is a normal response when non-saline water is injected into the nasal cavity. 



You'll need:  A Neti-Pot, Vital Silver Colloidal Silver, and Vital Silver Sinus spray applicator

Step 1:  Dilute 3 tsp. of colloidal silver liquid into 1 cup of distilled lukewarm water. 

Step 2:  Twice daily, using Neti pot instructions, slowly pour the above colloidal silver solution through the right nostril and out the left nostril, draining into the sink, for 15 seconds.  Repeat, flushing from left to right.  Allow the solution to flush completely through the nasal cavity.  For stubborn or chronic infections, you may choose the alternative method of filling the sinuses with the colloidal silver solution, then pinching your nostrils. Hold for 10 minutes. The colloidal silver and water solution may sting for a short time until ph is equalized. For sensitive sinus cavities use the solution packet that provided with your Neti pot.  

Step 3:  Blow your nose when finished flushing to remove excess moisture from the sinuses creating a clear breathing pathway into the lungs.

Step 4:  Between the morning and evening Neti pot applications, administer colloidal silver using Vital Silver Sinus Nasal Spray every 30 minutes.  This is key to effective treatment as bacteria and fungi double rapidly ( in 20 minutes ) in an overabundant mucus environment.   Continue protocol for at least one week, longer if symptoms remain. 



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