Structured Vital Silver 16oz

Structured Vital Silver 16oz

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  • Our mission at Vital Silver is to offer a premium structured silver supplement at an affordable price for those who wish to supplement their immune system on a daily basis. Additionally, structured silver is an ideal choice for those times when your body is under siege requiring extra immune support.

  • Structured Silver represents a new generation in the silver supplement category, recent improvement in technology has resulted in an advanced form of ‘colloidal silver’ called Structured Silver.

  • Structured Silver allows a single particle-cluster of silver to kill multiple bacteria, viruses, and yeast pathogens throughout the body until it is safely excreted.  Older forms of ionic and/or colloidal silver are able to kill only a single pathogen per silver particle and then the silver particle is rendered the colloidal partial ineffectual. 

  • Structured Silver contains only two ingredients, 99.999% pure silver particles suspended in structured water.   

Vital Silver 20ppm Usage Recommendations:

Silver is best absorbed sublingually, hold the Vital Silver solution under the tongue for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute then swallow.

Daily Immune Support:

75 lbs and up - 1 - 2 teaspoon morning and evening on an empty stomach.  

 Under 75 lb - 1/2 teaspoon morning and evening on an empty stomach.