Sweet India

Sweet India


This softly floral Lavender and May Chang bar is loaded with French Rose Clay inherently wonderful for most skin types, it maintains the delicate balance of the skin's natural oils, and is perfect for sensitive skin with its gentle cleansing action. 

Only natural and organic ingredients are used to make our soap, therefore you will not find lab-generated colorants and scents, such as, Fragrance Oils, Oxides, Micas, or FD&C Colorants in our bars.

Saponified Organic Oils: Organic Extra Virgin Olive, Organic Sustainable Palm, Organic Red Palm, Organic Sunflower, Organic Castor, Organic African Shea Butter; Lican (an essential oil exclusively imported from India), Lavender, May Chang Essential Oils, Rose Clay, Sodium Lactate ( fermented corn or beets, approved for use in organic products ), an ounce of Vital Silver in every bar. 


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